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      Great Wall Securities Traded in Shenzhen Stock Exchange
        On October 26th, Great Wall Securities Co., Ltd. (Great Wall Securities, code: 002939) had its formal public listing in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Deng Jianling, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., Ding Yihua, Member of the leading Party Group and Chief Accountant, Liu Wencheng, Secretary of the Board and Chief Economist, as the representatives of the shareholders, attended the public-listing ceremony.

        Deng Jianling made a remark on behalf of China Huaneng on the ceremony. He said, for years, China Huaneng has been steadfastly implementing the decisions and plans of CPC, and actively deepening reforms. The company has set its strategic capital layout and planning of realizing overall listing via separate listings of different business sectors, and has been proactively developing mixed-ownership through various means, including using capital markets. China Huaneng will consistently bolster Great Wall Securities to achieve new results in the capital market to feedback all shareholders, guarantee the preservation and increase of state-owned assets, and contribute to make the finance serve the real economy.

        Great Wall Securities is the first listed company in the finance industry of China Huaneng. Its IPO this time is 310 million shares, the issuing price of each share is 6.31 yuan. The fund raised is 1.985 billion yuan. Great Wall Securities rose to its daily limit soon after the trade opened on its first trading day, with 9.09 yuan per share, having a surge of 44.06%. After the deduction of issuance fees, the collect fund will all be used to supplement the capital fund and development of the main business. Great Wall Securities has further enhanced its capability, and injected fresh momentum to its future development.

        Great Wall Securities will use its public listing as a foundation, and initiatively adapt to the national strategy. By relying on the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area, it will root in Shenzhen, reach out to the whole country, and set its eyes on the whole world. It will establish itself as a securities issuer with its own characteristics, sustainable development and good social credibility, by markedly boosting the company’s comprehensive competitiveness, and making the company’s governance heighten, scale enlarged, layout prioritized, management optimized, performances strengthened.

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        In November 1995, approved by People’s Bank of China, Great Wall Securities was incorporated on the basis of the former Shenzhen Great Wall Securities Department and subordinate securities agencies of Hainan Huitong International Trust Investment Co., Ltd. It is one of the securities issuers in China with longest history. For 23 year, Great Wall Securities constantly adheres to the management concept of marching forward steadily and innovate with determination, endeavors to seek for the sustainable development of the company, especially after China Huaneng became the controlling share holder in 2002. Great Wall Securities’ development has entered new stage. Its operation qualification is becoming complete. Its business has good foundation. Its management is steady, and its business scale and profit-making ability is at the upper-middle level of the industry. Its traditional businesses in areas like brokers, self-operated securities, capital intermediary, investment bank, and capital management, have realized balanced development. The company’s scale has been enlarging, gradually expanding from Shenzhen to the whole country. It controls several subsidiaries like Baocheng Futures, Great Wall Investment, and Great Wall Changfu. At the same time, it is the main share holder of Great Wall Fund Management and Invesco Great Wall. It has become a comprehensive securities company which owns 12 branches and 109 securities operating departments. Till December 31st, 2017, Great Wall Securities’ total asset is 43.510 billion yuan, net asset is 14.471 billion yuan, and net capital is 11.086 billion yuan. From January to June, 2018, Great Wall Securities achieved operating revenue of 1.375 billion yuan, and net profits attributable to the shareholders of parent company of 312 million yuan, achieving good performances as compared to the industry.

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